Into the Fire

One season ends another begins. So I’m back in the interior working out of Clearwater B.C. Staying in a nice hotel on the lake here, things are chill.

Pretty steep ground for the interior I found, but its nice to have technical ground out here. At the end of the coastal season I found my body aching all around.  My nights off spent laying on the couch sipping craft beer, rather then being social.  But then again I find myself doing that every night off now,  Maybe its being anti-social or just another step into the crust.  I digress.  I had a little break in-between contracts to give my body a quick rest.

Anyhow, here are some photos from the coast and Clearwater.  As my foreman Brian would say, “Here’s your piece, you know the drill”


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Into the Fire

A Month In

Day 30 something. Shifts are now blurring by and I’m always burnt on (lets face it, I’m a burnout going in).  Anyhow usual stuff happening, putting trees in the ground and trying not to think about it.


Nathan For you with friends
Evergreen Swag
1000 yard stare on night off
Chas getting blessed
John giving us tips on how to plant these monster trees.  .36c a tree.
Connor pounding hard
The boxes these massive trees came were literally called Coffin Boxes



A Month In

Three Weeks In

Three weeks in and things are going well out here.  My feet aren’t as sore and I’m not out of breath after a few trees in.  Days are starting to go by quicker and my body is starting to get numb (this is a good thing).  My days off consist of laying around watching better call saul.

So whats left is to keep on trying to grab shots, but it is hard in some ways.  as soon as I’m on the block I mentally go into planting mode, and shooting becomes secondary.  I definitely need a day where I just focus on shooting.

Anyhow only 90 something days to go.

15-04-161424Early mornings

14-04-161344A FIST trying to access a quad block

I wasn’t to sure what image to use, but I like both these shots of “Spookie” walking into the block.




IMG_8449Got back to the cache and found John a.k.a Johnny 2 Shoes like this.  He very lazy man.

IMG_9960My roommates Craig and John at the end of the day

plWhat I see at the end of the day


Three Weeks In


Shift 2:

Artisan works 3-1 shift.  Which Now I realize I will put out a blog out weekly rather than by shift.  Now I’m back out in the bush working, the hardest thing I found was keeping a charge.  Not so much in my camera, but on my iPhone and Macbook.  The Camp provides power outlets for workers, but they end up like this.


Power cuts out whenever, so I started plugging my laptop in the trucks or directly into the generator.

gear travel copy


-Canon 6D

-Canon 70D

-Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8

-Canon 70-200mm f/2.8

-Canon 50mm f/1.8

-ThinkTank Shape Shifter

-Macbook Pro Retina mid-2012

-Seagate 2 TB Hard Drive

-Moleskin Book

-Thinktank Memory Card Holder

–2x-LP-E6 Batteries

-Canon Battery Charger LC-E6

-Media Pass (Just In Case)

-R0de Mic

Shift 21411 Shift 21329Shift 21422Shift 21678




Shift 1-
So here it is Year 6 of Treeplanting. I have to admit I really didn’t feel like coming out this year, but “mans gotta eat” as Randy Bobandy would say.By eat, I mean eating away my debt bit by bit.

Anyhow I though it was time to start a photo doc on camp life. I figure I need a photo story in my portfolio, so heres a start. Anyhow,  I figure I should keep shooting after my internship, keep things fresh and work on isolated photography.

I am now Crusty as Fuck.














Yorks Homecoming Game 2014

York Lions Homecoming-September 20, 2014

York Lions v.s. McMaster Marauders

Final Score

McMaster 49 – York 2


Well what can I say, it was the first time I ever shot a football game.  I was in Toronto that weekend and had a Sports assignment due the end of the weekend.  So why not try my hand at learning how to shoot American Football.  Normally I cover news, From General News to Breaking News.

I got ahold of York Lions Media Relations and was fortunate enough to get a Media Pass last minute.  Anyhow, I got to york university about an hour before the game to pick up my pass and be briefed on where I’m allowed to go and shoot.  The media coordinator pointed me to talk to security on the sidelines.

“Shoot anywhere on the sidelines, just don’t end up inside the end zone”  Pretty straight forward for the most part.

Anyhow, I wasn’t the only photographer there, there were 2 shooters for York, 1 for McMaster, and 1 for some Local daily.  So I pretty much shadowed them in the first half until I got into the swing of things after half-time.


Gear I Used-


-Canon 7D Mark I

-Canon 6D

-Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM APO

-Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM

-Manfrotto 681B Monopod

-Newswear Documentary vest


I found there was a lot of walking and anticipating where the play was going to go, but it was a huge learning experience on using the Canon 300mm and isolating the players in action.





Yeah, it was quite a fun, challenging, new experience to shoot football.  As well as some of my shot’s were featured in The Pioneer in the feature Homecoming section…G


Yorks Homecoming Game 2014